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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kidney most important organ !!!

Kidney is a very important organ in our body.Majority of the people have problems with their kidneys and need to get them transplanted.There is a foundation in southern part of India,TamilNadu.

Tamilnadu Kidney Research Foundation

This foundation is called TANKER (Tamilnadu kidneyResearch Foundation), where they treat all kidney related problems free of cost.They even do Dialysis free of cost.

Please pass this message and let people utilize this opportunity. It can help people who are in need. Don't neglect. please pass this message to as many people as possible.

For further Details contact :0044 28273407 OR 044 28241635..

Pass this information to all your frenz..we donno ...may be it may be helpful to atleast one person...

Anger Management !!!

Patience and staying calm is the greatest asset of a person.Anger falls behind when it comes to being calm and solving things without anger.
I was standing under the rain on an empty road.Suddenly a car passed by with top speed.The dirty water on the road hit its tyres and fell all over me.My clothes were totally drenched in that dirty water and I felt a volcano of anger erupting inside my head.
I was just about to curse the driver,when suddenly the car stopped and reversed towards me.I stood there quite , when the car window slid down and a beautiful lady peeped out.She apologised for the mistake and offered me a lift to my house.
I could have cursed her for the mistake she had committed but instead accepted the offer and got dropped home.
That is the power of staying calm, friends.It works better than any thing.